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Sweety's panties are made for every type of woman and for every occasion. You will find anything about women panties from sexy lacy panties to seamless undies: white bridal underwear, exclusive designs and a huge variety of styles, designs, prints, colors, and materials. We have the best selection of women's intimate apparel to find everything you need!

Control Panties
Control underwear or support panties combine comfort and fit with the benefit of control. They provide built-in compression from the mid to lower abdomen with excellent coverage of the hips and give a nice shape to the rear. These panties control parts of the body you want and can be worn with any type of clothing. You will feel super comfortable and confident!

Seamless Panties:
Invisible panties a.k.a. no show panties are a new proposed technology of undies to provide an invisible effect, excellent fit and maximum comfort. Our seamless panties are elastic-free and made of light materials that are soft on the skin, comfortable and are pieced together through thermofusion. No show panties can't be seen through clothing and leave no panty lines to bare.

Women's Thongs:
Thong panties are most preferred by women who want to feel super sexy. They come in different styles such as: wide sided thongs, g-strings, or string bikinis and more.

Tie Panties:
Tie panties have good coverage of the butt, hips and mid to lower abdomen. They are very comfortable and fit nicely to the every type of body. High cut panties are very popular because of their comfort and coverage.

Hip Huggers:
A.k.a. hipster undies are very modern and have become a very popular option for women to wear daily, for sport activities or just to feel super comfortable. You will find them here in all sorts of colors, prints and unique designs.

Minimizing Panties:
A.k.a. panty girdles or panty shapers have the ability to add style with a strong level of compression. Minimizing panties have excellent coverage of the hips and reduce the mid to lower abdomen.

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